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The Longest Underwater Crossing

01/04/2011 1 comment

I had the opportunity to witness this. Its the longest under river crossing in Malaysia.

TBM boring out 

TBM boring out

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I Quit My Job!

30/03/2011 1 comment


No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.  For that, go read Kenny Sia’s blog.  I’m sure he’ll have one this year; like always every year.

I had tendered in my resignation early this month, but it’s only official when they gave you a farewell dinner/lunch, right?  The company I work for treated me to a sumptuous lunch, yesterday.  I was surprised and bloated after that.  I was thankful.

When I handed in my letter earlier this month, my Japanese boss was surprised.  Why, he asked?  Well, I am one that never talks bad about a company, unless it’s really bad.  In this case, the company wasn’t bad at all. Hmm, let’s review the


  1. Slightly higher salary compared to local firms
  2. Reasonably high pay compared to other local firms
  3. Driver to drive you to site
  4. Exposed to high tech engineering  job (tunneling)
  5. Nothing much to do


  1. No name card (funny right?, it’s like you don’t exists to them)
  2. No job description (do I hear gasps? lol)
  3. Information is not shared. What is yours is yours and what is mine is also yours. (can like that meh?)

Yeah, I think that pretty sums it up eh? Btw, I’m starting my new job on 1 April 2011……don’t laugh!!

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Service@Maxis Centre Kuching

28/03/2011 5 comments

This is a ranting post.

Recently, I bought 2 Blackberry Torch (review may come later) for  my wife and I.  1 unit has no problems but the other unit has trackpad defects.  It is a known issue especially with units Made in Mexico.  Google it….

The trackpad can move on it’s own!! Now, my ranting is not about the Torch, but about Maxis-Kuching HQ. I have been a loyal Maxis subscriber ever since 2001. I bet some of the staffs that were previously in Maxis Kuching HQ now were not even employed back then. Ok, so back to the Torch with the trackpad problem.

As usual, the service centre has a numbering system. As usual, it is slow. I waited patiently after taking my queue number. Kudos to the lady who asked if I was going to make an enquiry. Probably sales tactic. The minute I said “phone warranty”, she left. LOL

The guy at the counter was nice, he didn’t even bother to look at my defect phone and check if there’s anything wrong.  His reponse “Sent to KL to check, 2 weeks”  Worst thing is for the 2 weeks, there will be no loan unit for me.  And it has been like that since 2 years ago.  Apparently, they change their storeroom or stock supplier, whatever.  No readily available units.

My peeve is this:

Can’t a big corporation (Quarter 4 2010 net profit: Rm610 milliion )- like Maxis deliver better customer service by cutting down the downtime? !!

a. Wouldn’t it be wiser to upgrade your so-called Maxis Centers to be more equipped to service, sell and pay bills under one house?!!

b. What’s the point of opening a so called Center when it has no difference with other handphone shops?!!

c. And Maxis is not the only guilty one.  Lots of shops, big and small are guilty of this.  You don’t call yourself largest in Malaysia when you only have establishments in Peninsular Malaysia!!  Malaysia consists of Sarawak and Sabah!  Have you all forgotten your history!!

d. You expect your paying customer to have no phone for 2 weeks? How dumb can you guys get? No phones = no calls/sms/mms = no $$ for you!!


I am in a good mood today, so my rant is well…….below my normal standards.  But if, there’s no reply after 2 weeks, Maxis will feel my wrath.  I have made complains before and have received a free camera and refund from those complains.


Never, ever separate a boy from his toys!!

Earth Hour – A Gimmick?

26/03/2011 Leave a comment


Earth Hour 2007 – 2010                      Earth Hour 2011

Is Earth Hour a gimmick?…….Absolutely YES!!

Before you all go bash me over the title, let me ask you one thing.  How does turning off your lights for one hour help save the environment?  How many can answer this question, confidently, factually and not just beat around the bush?

If you can’t answer this question properly, then you don’t really understand the meaning behind Earth Hour.  Don’t go around telling people to turn off the lights and tell them to save the environment when you don’t know how it is related to helping to save the environment.

When you turn off the lights, there will be a drop in electricity consumption.  It really does!! However, power generation facilities like dams, coal power plants, or even nuclear power plants will still continue to generate the same amount of power regardless the power consumption.  The excess power generated that are not used shall just be wasted in excess.

However, the meaning behind Earth Hour is to create awareness that we, the population on earth do not need to use that large amount of power.  We can and should switch off unnecessary switches.  Furthermore, it saves a great deal of electrical bills to most households.  Notice the logo of this year’s Earth Hour?  The “+” sign is to indicate that we can do more beyond that 1 hour.

So, what will you be doing from 8.30pm – 9.30pm today?  I know what I’ll be doing.

Lights off, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (gotta wake up early tomorrow!!)

p/s: I didn’t say I wouldn’t support it 😛

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Baby Steps

25/03/2011 Leave a comment

Yes, I have started blogging.

Jumping on the bandwagon and not to be left out.   Ever since the explosion of the Internet, I have to admit I have been pretty left out.  I used to know all my hardwares and can even put a whole PC together from scratch.  However, time is catching up and now twittering, blogging, facebook, etc has since taken over!!

I read a lot of blogs, just to kill time mostly.  However, I have found lots of information via blogs; some very credible ones in fact.  I won’t know what direction my blog will take, but hopefully it won’t just be another blog.

I’m a grown man taking my baby steps in the blogging world.

p/s: Earth Hour tomorrow-26 March 2011, 8.30pm – 9.30pm

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