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Earth Hour – A Gimmick?

26/03/2011 Leave a comment


Earth Hour 2007 – 2010                      Earth Hour 2011

Is Earth Hour a gimmick?…….Absolutely YES!!

Before you all go bash me over the title, let me ask you one thing.  How does turning off your lights for one hour help save the environment?  How many can answer this question, confidently, factually and not just beat around the bush?

If you can’t answer this question properly, then you don’t really understand the meaning behind Earth Hour.  Don’t go around telling people to turn off the lights and tell them to save the environment when you don’t know how it is related to helping to save the environment.

When you turn off the lights, there will be a drop in electricity consumption.  It really does!! However, power generation facilities like dams, coal power plants, or even nuclear power plants will still continue to generate the same amount of power regardless the power consumption.  The excess power generated that are not used shall just be wasted in excess.

However, the meaning behind Earth Hour is to create awareness that we, the population on earth do not need to use that large amount of power.  We can and should switch off unnecessary switches.  Furthermore, it saves a great deal of electrical bills to most households.  Notice the logo of this year’s Earth Hour?  The “+” sign is to indicate that we can do more beyond that 1 hour.

So, what will you be doing from 8.30pm – 9.30pm today?  I know what I’ll be doing.

Lights off, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (gotta wake up early tomorrow!!)

p/s: I didn’t say I wouldn’t support it 😛

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Baby Steps

25/03/2011 Leave a comment

Yes, I have started blogging.

Jumping on the bandwagon and not to be left out.   Ever since the explosion of the Internet, I have to admit I have been pretty left out.  I used to know all my hardwares and can even put a whole PC together from scratch.  However, time is catching up and now twittering, blogging, facebook, etc has since taken over!!

I read a lot of blogs, just to kill time mostly.  However, I have found lots of information via blogs; some very credible ones in fact.  I won’t know what direction my blog will take, but hopefully it won’t just be another blog.

I’m a grown man taking my baby steps in the blogging world.

p/s: Earth Hour tomorrow-26 March 2011, 8.30pm – 9.30pm

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