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The Longest Underwater Crossing

01/04/2011 1 comment

I had the opportunity to witness this. Its the longest under river crossing in Malaysia.

TBM boring out 

TBM boring out

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I Quit My Job!

30/03/2011 1 comment


No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.  For that, go read Kenny Sia’s blog.  I’m sure he’ll have one this year; like always every year.

I had tendered in my resignation early this month, but it’s only official when they gave you a farewell dinner/lunch, right?  The company I work for treated me to a sumptuous lunch, yesterday.  I was surprised and bloated after that.  I was thankful.

When I handed in my letter earlier this month, my Japanese boss was surprised.  Why, he asked?  Well, I am one that never talks bad about a company, unless it’s really bad.  In this case, the company wasn’t bad at all. Hmm, let’s review the


  1. Slightly higher salary compared to local firms
  2. Reasonably high pay compared to other local firms
  3. Driver to drive you to site
  4. Exposed to high tech engineering  job (tunneling)
  5. Nothing much to do


  1. No name card (funny right?, it’s like you don’t exists to them)
  2. No job description (do I hear gasps? lol)
  3. Information is not shared. What is yours is yours and what is mine is also yours. (can like that meh?)

Yeah, I think that pretty sums it up eh? Btw, I’m starting my new job on 1 April 2011……don’t laugh!!

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